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About Us
Located in the South of the United Kingdom,  we are a family business who's
aim is to provide independantly researched and un-biased health information.

Founded on 15+ years of study and market research, we provide the opportunity
for everyone to obtain carefully selected Supplements, Nutritional and  Personal
Care products... along with a range of Educational Books, Reports, DVD's & CD's,
all of which can help with maintaining optimum health & wellbeing......

The Greatest Medicine of all is to teach yourself how not to need it.........
Vitamins, Minerals, Systemic Enzymes
Raw Organic Bitter Apricot Kernels*
Health Documentaries & Lectures
Reports, Articles CD's Books/E-books
Full Spectrum Vitamins & Superfoods
Ionic Minerals & Colloidal Silver*
Sunwarrior Ormus Greens
Wholefood & Vitamin Powders
Bitter Apricot Kernel Capsules*
Free Research & Information  
Amino Acids
and more..........
Coming Soon
Live Presentations
* Due to EU/UK regulations these items are not intentionally marketed as food supplements.

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Updated May 2017

Also promoting: Campaign for Truth in Medicine    Alliance-for-Natural-Health

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Pursuit of Health & Happiness, along with how we achieve it,
is Our God Given Right !

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"Improved Health Through Greater Knowledge"

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