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About Us and Our Mission


We are a family run business and the founder has, over several years, gained experience in the subject of nutrition and natural ways to protect and maintain a high level of good health and well being.


We have a mission to continue research and provide our visitors and customers from all over the world, with valuable information, and carefully selected products all of which are beneficial in achieving this.


Many of the items we offer cannot be found in high street shops, as they are either completely natural or not patented, thereby not earning massive profit percentages for shareholders and big business.


In addition there are forces at work to "artificialise" nutrients that we consume AND EVEN THE FOOD THAT WE EAT (Genetically Modification of Plants) (see what Codex Alimentarius is all about!).


From behind the scenes, greedy and powerful organisations and those corporations backed by the money masters that control them, are relentless in their quest to squash the rights of people everywhere to educate themselves and make informed decisions as to how they choose to be healthy and avoid disease during their lives.


Our mission is not an easy one, but we believe is very worthwhile in helping humanity in general. This venture does not earn us a great living, (especially since our founder gave up his full time IT career a few years ago), to concentrate on taking the message and business to a wider audience.


However, thank you for your interest by either contacting us or visiting the website to find out what we are about. Any support you could give by providing testimonials, placing regular orders or even just a quick communication by email.

A quick phonecall is always welcome if you have any information you think would be useful for us to publish, or even a question you may have. Any of this would help us toward keeping our mission "on track"


Thanks once Again.


"Humanity is about to take another step in it's evolution, a well nourished body, mind & spirit will enable this to occur as smoothly as possible." - kenton john: torrey - December 2012


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